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Sometimes we all need some help with exercise, even if it’s just for motivation. If you’re looking for a personalized schedule tailored specifically to your goals, body type, and abilities, this is your go-to package. We focus on all aspects of fitness, wellness and basic training principles, including nutrition, flexibility and mobility.

The staff at Interior Iron And Fitness will help you with accountability, motivation, support and will push you to reach your goals and shed off those extra pounds.

We are now accepting applicants for new programs and training. See our rates to learn more about some of our trainers

Focused Fitness Trainer Kathy 2023
Kathy Cooper, who used to play triple-A hockey and has coached teams, helps bring fitness back into the lives of busy people. She also runs our boot camps and trains hockey players 1-1.
“I help busy moms get back into fitness and make workouts fit into their lives instead of the other way around.”

ISSA-Certified Specialist

ISSA-Certified Glute Specialist

Personal Training/Consultations

Exercise Plan – $40.00
Personal Training: – $75.00 for initial consultation & $60.00/session

Kathy Cooper
Dave is a retired rodeo cowboy who has been lifting weights since he was 12 (inspired by Arnold Schwarzenegger). He had a dream to be a pro bodybuilder. In 2018 Dave sold his landscaping and excavation company to buy Focused Fitness (changed to Interior Iron and Fitness in 2023) and move closer to family. He is a leader in healthy living through bodybuilding and nutrition. He takes pride in providing the younger generation an opportunity to benefit from the discipline of workout training. Read more…

Personal Training/Consultations

Personal Training: – $60.00 for initial consultation & $60.00/session

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Focused Fitness is a full-service gym and fitness facility located in 100 Mile House BC.

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Personal Training

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